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that basically suggests raising taxes on the wealthy, you know, to lower the deficit and romney plan that suggests tax reform that ultimately will produce higher growth. you know, i'm not so sure that either one of those have been detailed specifically so that voters understand, but, nonetheless, that's what tuesday is all about. >> earlier this week, bill, you spoke to cnbc and you sounded a litt little, let's say, jaded about the election. let's listen to what you said and then we'll talk about it on the other side. >> we spent $5 billion on this election for what? to prove that it's a government of the superpac by the superpac for the superpac to prove that basically who wins at this point we'll be at four years in the future. but let's look to something different as opposed to this red and blue state theology that is basically the same. >> does the matter which candidates wins then or do you think we're headed for a fiscal cliff off this fiscal cliff either way? >> well, i think so. and i do think, although there are differences between romney and obama in terms of their policies
class. says he'd cut taxes for everybody. and ask something from nobody. but the problem is we've heard those promises before. >> mitt romney meantime has added an important endorsement here in the battleground state of iowa. the "des moines register" as of last night has chosen romney because they say this is all about the economy. keep in mind, they endorsed the president four years ago, then-senator four years ago. this marks the first time in 40 years that the newspaper has backed a republican in the presidential election here. just on friday, i spoke with carol hunter. she is the senior news director of the paper. she very much so agreed with me. iowa up for grabs. >> it's pretty much like ohio in that it's very much a toss-up state. all the polls are showing it pretty much dead even. there's a rasmussen report out that has them both at 48%. the rolling averages are all within the margin of error. it's just going to be close, close, close, right down to the wire. and how precious those six electoral votes are just shows how close the entire national campaign is. >> mitt romney spen
. >>> this time last year he was italy's prime minister, but now silvio berlusconi sentenced to four years for tax fraud broadcast rights for american movies to be shown on tv in italy. berlusconi told cnn that it was an unpolitical sentence and he is expected to appeal. >>> american football hits england sunday with the st. louis rams hosting the new england patriots. now, to get in the spirit coach jeff fisher practiced on a pitch this weekend. rams own er stan kranki is majority owner. sunday's game will be the sixth international series match for the nfl in london. >>> all right, we have an update for you on malala yousufzai. the pakistani girl shot by the taliban. >> she's getting important visitors. >> hey, victor and christi. malala you sufzai is receiving the best medical care she could possibly get after being shot in the head by the taliban earlier this month. she has also been reunited with her family for the first time since she was medivaced earlier this month and it was a very emotional reunion, indeed. recovering in a hospital bed malala yousufzai is surrounded by her family. this i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)